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When your vehicle is in the care of our service department we will:

BMW MINI condition based servicing ( CBS)

A number of MINI models now feature Condition Based Servicing, (CBS), which replaces the older Inspection style service regime. CBS works by using sensors to constantly monitor parts subjected to wear and when the service component is no longer working at full efficiency will alert the driver by activating the service symbol on the dashboard.

Autotec will assess this information in order to provide suitable recommendations and costings.

CIP (Coding individualisation & programming)

Autotec Northwest have full diagnostic capability for your MINI allowing us to carry out software updates, replace lost or stolen keys and program control units. As well as an increasing amount of retro fit components and conversions beyond even dealer level range . We can also connect directly with the fibre optic MOST bus to communicate with CCC-A, CCC-BO, CCC-ASK, CCC-ANT, ULF TCU and MASK ECUs allowing us to carry out programming and diagnostics that normally only the dealer .can carry out.

Timing chain replacement

Autotec northwest are experienced and fully equipped to deal with the now common problem of timing chain replacement if you suspect your timing chain may need replacing call us on 0151 495 1296 or email us at

We provide a wide variety of mechanical services for MINI owners such as mechanical repairs, engine management,, clutch replacement, servicing and maintenance for all MINI models.